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The business school of your choice must have good teachers, infrastructure and a friendly environment, there are many reputed business schools in Budapest, specifically in Budapest. We have listed many business schools with the characteristics mentioned above.

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Budapest University of Technology and Economics (School of Business)

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics* (BUTE), as one of the greatest Hungarian higher education institutions regards its mission t...
Address: Mûegyetem rkp. 3-9

CEU Business School

CEU Business School was established in 1988 by a group of visionary leaders, including philanthropist George Soros and Hungarian entrepreneur S&a...
Address: Frankel Leo ut 30-34

International Business School Budapest

All our Bachelor programmes (Business Studies, International Business Relations, Finance and Accounting, Travel and Tourism Management and Arts M...
Address: Tarogato ut 2-4.

University of Budapest (Corvinus School of Management)

Corvinus School of Management is committed to providing high quality education for business leaders.

Each programme offered by Cor...
Address: Fovam Ter 8

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