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Language Courses

Would you like to take the most advantages of languages for business? If you are a student who want to be an excellent business professional, then you have to know that having a good command of other idioms is a must nowadays. Knowing and understanding the idiom of clients is really important to establish good business relationships, so it will be a good idea if students are prepared for this, taking some courses of doing it by their own. There are also business language training for people who are working and need to have excellent foreign language skills. Business professionals must know that having a good knowledge of foreign languages is a must today and that taking language courses is one of the best options to get those desired skills. Here we also provide you with some information about French, German and Spanish language.

The importance of languages in business

One of the things that allow business people to have a good communication with clients is speaking their idiom. It avoids miscommunications and show respect to international clients. A clear communication is an important aspect to build client trust. It is not only to speak the same idiom, but doing it appropriately and also know about their culture. The key may be that people who run a business must have a good command of foreign business partners’ languages.
As same as having good selling and marketing techniques is important, trying to have an effective communication is important too. Language skills can be decisive for business success. Just as an example, imagine that the product you sell is one of the best in the market and that you have a good strategy to sell it, but you only speak basic words of the client’s idiom, so the probabilities to sell the product will be less than if you have the required language skills.
Besides, if you want to become a truly business leader, then you have to know that learning other languages is vital. Multilingual workers are a valuable asset in companies. Today, due to globalization more and more employers are looking for people who are fluent in different languages. So if you are a business student who is thinking to work after college, then you must be prepared having a strong knowledge of foreign idioms.

Language courses for business professionals

Languages courses are always open to students and business professionals. There a variety of them which can suit students’ needs, time and budget. For example, you can take an executive language training program abroad, enroll in a local school or take some online classes.
TiaTula Spanish language schools
Language courses involve a training that allows a great progress of students in a short time. They include professional activities regarding business such as practicing of negotiation, writing of correspondence, among others. You can take individual lessons which are one of the most effective forms of learning because of teachers are focused on your individual goals and priorities. On the other hand, there are available group lessons where you can meet other business professionals from different fields (technical, IT, marketing, sales, finance, human resources, planning, etc).
Before taking a course, a test will be required to assess your level, this way you can enroll in a course according to your level. Language schools offer classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. It is also possible you take residential courses. Training is also available in office. Both of these types of courses are scheduled according the availability of students.
According to your interest, you can take some tailor-made courses to learn Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, among others languages. Here are some details of them:

German language

German flagThere are over 120 million speakers of German language in the world. It is the official idiom in countries such as: Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, among others, it is also spoken in some European regions, for example: in Northern Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Russia, and Eastern France, etc. If you are looking for a better job, knowing German greatly increases your opportunities to find one. German is one of the main languages used in business, education and international diplomacy. 



French language

French flagFrench, is the eleventh most widely-spoken language, with over 200 million speakers around the world; this is one of the world's major international languages. Although, English is considered as the most important language, there are many reasons why French is considered also important. French is the official tongue in Canada, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Niger, Togo, Luxembourg, Switzerland, India, Lebanon, French Guiana, Ruanda, Senegal, etc. but also French along with English, is the official working language of many international organisms, such as: ONU, OTAN, UNESCO, The International Red Cross, OECD, The European community, etc.



Spanish language

Spanish flagDue to the great influence of Hispanic culture in the world, Spanish language has become almost a necessity for many people, it is because Spanish is the third most spoken language and it is rapidly becoming one of the most important languages in business.  Spanish is spoken in many countries, but the biggest agglomeration of Spanish speakers is in Latin America, where at least it is the official language in 20 countries such as Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, etc. but there are also some countries in Europe where it is spoken such as Spain, which is the birthplace of Spanish language, Andorra, Equatorial Guinea, etc.Learning Spanish can help you to be more marketable in the job market, to open your mind to new possibilities, to be able to do business with abroad countries, etc.


Whether you are interested in learning the previous languages or not, we encourage you to start as soon as you can with the process of learning a new one.