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The business school of your choice must have good teachers, infrastructure and a friendly environment, there are many reputed business schools in Genève (fr), specifically in Genève. We have listed many business schools with the characteristics mentioned above.

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Geneva Business School

GBS Switzerland, the Geneva Business School is an accredited private university offering Undergraduate Graduate and Postgraduate degrees in Busine...
Address: Rue Amat 7

International University in Geneva (Business School Geneva)

The International University in Geneva was founded with the aim of providing an international business education in a multicultural enviro...
Address: Rte de Pré-Bois

The Open University (Business School in Switzerland)

The OU Business School is a faculty of one of the world’s largest universities - the UK-based Open University. The Open University has pion...
Address: PO Box 456

University IFM Geneva (IFM Geneva - Business School)

University IFM Geneva is an international Business School located in the heart of Geneva Switzerland. Since 1971, University IFM has trained futu...
Address: 35 rue des Bains

University of Geneva ((HEC School of Management Genève))

International Organizations MBA (IOMBA)
Welcome to the University of Geneva’s International Organizations MBA (IOMBA) page. We have d...
Address: 16 chemin de la voie creuse

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