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Searching for College Scholarships

Searching for College Scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to pay for college, because unlike loans, scholarships do not have to be paid back.

Types of College Scholarships
There are many different types of college scholarships that are available. Some scholarships are based upon merit, while others are based upon financial need. There are also scholarship programs that give special consideration to minority students.

When to Begin Searching for College Scholarships
You should begin searching for scholarships as soon as possible. Many college scholarship opportunities have application requirements and deadlines that must be met. If you begin searching too late, you may miss out on valuable opportunities.

It is never too early to begin searching for college scholarships.

Finding College Scholarships
Begin your scholarship search locally. Your community may provide the best (and least advertised) opportunity. Local clubs, businesses, organizations, and churches are all potential sources.

There are also scholarship resources online. Click on any of these links to begin your search:
Sallie Mae

College Scholarship Requirements
The requirements are different for every scholarship program. Before applying, make sure that you fully understand all of the application procedures and the eligibility criteria. Some scholarship applications require an essay or another demonstration of your potential. Others require a minimum GPA or standardized test score.

College Scholarship Tips
Scholarships can be your key to a college education. Here are a few tips that will help you succeed.
  • Apply early
  • Do not falsify your application
  • Follow application procedures
  • Make sure you qualify before applying
  • Increase your chances by applying for scholarships that are not heavily advertised