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GMAT prep

GMAT prep

Since 1954, business-school applicants have taken the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) to demonstrate their worth to B-school admission committees. The exam judges an applicant's skills -- quantitative, problem-solving, English verbal and written -- and spins out a number as high as 800 that some MBA applicants say can make or break their chances of getting into top programs.

To get into business school you need a well-polished application and a high GMAT score. Here you can find prep resources and tips on applying to business school.

GMAT Preparation

You should begin preparing for the GMAT one to three months before test day. You may need more time (two to five months) if you have been out of school for some time and need to brush up on material. In general, you should spend at least 50 hours preparing.

There are two main options: GMAT online course or a GMAT class course.

Online courses are an inexpensive way to get started and learn the fundamentals. Online courses are excellent for international students who do not live where reputable classroom courses are offered.

A GMAT prep class will be more expensive and may take time, but it provides in-depth support and motivation. Many students use an online course to start and then use a classroom course to focus on weak areas.

GMAT Class Prep Course

  • GMAT Classroom Prep by Veritas offers class and tutoring for GMAT students around the world.
  • 1300 pages of materials
  • 12 practice tests
  • 42 full hours of class instruction
  • 21 hours of phone tutoring support
  • instructors have scored above 99th percentile

Online GMAT Course

Course includes:
  • five practice GMAT tests
  • essay grading
  • immediate access
  • online prep guide
  • test-pacing technology
  • guide to writing your college admissions essay
  • 24-hour email support