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Application checklist

Application checklist

The MBA application consists of many components. To be successful in your quest for admission to the business school of your choice, you'll need to ace every one of them.

Busines school application requirements:

The Resume
In addition to the information you'll provide on the application form itself, business schools ask for a separate professional resume. Pay attention to any special instructions that might exist, as some schools require applicant resumes to follow a specific format. Search online articles that provides a targeted resume examples and shows how to custom a resume for a sales specific position. There are a free sales resume samples for Sales Specialist that you can tailor to your professional background and job search needs. Otherwise, follow the standard guidelines for resumes. Again, online applications can simplify things, by allowing you to upload your resume and submit it as part of your online application package.

The Application
This is the framework for all the application pieces. It typically consists of basic biographical information and a brief history of your academic and professional accomplishments to date. You can submit this portion of your application online - which can make life a whole lot easier, especially when it comes to your getting your life story into those tiny spaces. Besides, who owns a typewriter anymore? In fact, within the last year or so, many top MBA programs have switched to accepting applications online exclusively.

The Essays
These run the gamut from a simple personal statement about your reasons for pursuing an MBA to a whole slew of essays on a variety of topics such as "describe a personal failure," or "explain how you will bring diversity to the class." Don't leave these until for last as they will invariably take a lot longer to write than you anticipate. In addition, check your ego at the door when you are writing them. You don't want to come across as arrogant, just confident.

Keep in mind what the essays are intended to accomplish. A well-written essay will highlight your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses to give the admissions committee a thoughtful look at who you are.

You will be asked to submit an official transcript from every undergraduate and graduate institution you have attended, regardless of whether you received a degree from the institution. This can require a lot of legwork and time on your part, especially if you have attended several schools. Again, don't wait until the last minute. Many schools will only accept written transcript requests, so you might not be able to call your college's registrar and handle this task over the phone.

The Letters of Recommendation
You definitely don't want to wait until late in the process to take care of this part of your application. Why? Because in asking for a letter of recommendation, you are asking for a favor. Don't impose even further on your former or current supervisor by asking for a recommendation with an extremely tight deadline.

Choose whom you ask to write your recommendations carefully and be sure to provide them with talking points. Don't just drop off a blank sheet of paper or recommendation form with a self-addressed stamped envelope, but point out what qualities you would like them to discuss.

GMAT Score
Submitting your GMAT score implies that you have a valid GMAT score to submit. If you haven't taken the GMAT yet, or if you have decided to re-take it, get moving. On test day, you have the opportunity to request that your score be sent to up to five schools at no additional charge. You should probably take advantage of this. Sending score reports later will cost extra and these scores are going to be reported anyway - unless you take the test another three times. Your score report will contain your most recent three GMAT scores, so even if you end up taking it again, schools are still going to see these results. And, if you are happy with your scores, you've saved yourself some time and money.