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Business jobs

Business jobs

There are a lot of types of jobs in business, here a list of the main types that you take into account at the moment of decides about your future with a business job.

  • Accountant

    Do you love numbers? If your answer is positive, as an accountant job you put in practical the application of numbers for your clients in the financial recordkeeping and tax services. There are public accountants who are employed by large accounting firms and management accountant who enjoyed their job for large companies, but many of them have individual practices too.

  • Actuary

    An actuary will work for public or private employer to manage risk for pension plans and programs like Social security. In the most of cases an actuary works for an insurance provider, you must use statistics and mathematics to estimate and decreasing the financial impact of risk; evaluate the likelihood of future events and designing creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events or helping overseeing risk reductions for employers.

  • Financial adviser

    This is expected to be one of the faster-growing occupations the next decade, the main role is provide a wide range of budgeting, tax, investment and estate advice. Many financial advisers work as practitioners, for large financial services firms and boutique advisory practices. In conclusion a financial advisor is a professional who renders financial services to businesses, individual and governments, working along lawyers and accountants whom have similar specializations.

  • Financial analyst

    As a financial analyst you may work on the buy side with plenty of money to invest or in hedge funds; or on the sell side advising a brokerage tell its clients to buy, hold or sell a stock. You may work for an investment bank, mutual fund, insurance company or a securities firm.

  • Logistician

    Logisticians are the one who manage the supply chain, helping to minimize costs and maximize productivity, overseeing shipping and transportation, distribution to wholesalers or retailers, warehousing, and the just-in-time delivery.

  • Meeting planner

    In this time a meeting planner have to negotiate for lower costs and better perks. With this career you always try to move from a small organization to a larger one, over time and with experience you could become an independent consultant or open your own meeting planner firm.

  • Public relations specialist

    As a public relations specialist you always are face to face with the public on behalf of companies, governments or organizations. They are also called media or communications specialists because you might spend your day drafting a press release, answering to a reporter's question or running interference at a conference.